About Us


KCT Designs was named after my three children Kairo, Chloe & Tristan. I stopped working as a full time Art Director and Production Designer for film, to dedicate more time to being a full time mom. But, my love for design has still kept me in the industry part time and made me want to start my own business designing accessories for homes and parties. After years of mastering my skills, acquiring new ones, researching hundreds of products and vendors; I proudly present to you the rebranded KCT Designs and now our new line K-Bling, which features high quality rhinestones and craft supplies for businesses and hobbyist alike. 


I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting my small business, that will help me take care of my big family. Feel free to stop by any of our social media platforms to say hi and join in on the current conversation. All links below!