Jelly Rancher

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High quality jelly AB rhinestone in a dark amethyst hue. 


8oz- About 7,000

2oz- About 4,000


8oz- About 11,000

4oz- About 6,000

2oz- About 4000


8oz- About 14,500

4oz- About 6,500

2oz- About 2,500


1oz- About 10,000

Our rhinestones are sold by jar size and are filled to a particular weight, per color. However, we go the extra mile to give our customers an estimate of how many gross stones they are getting per option. Sizes SS10/2mm and lower will just be sold by weight in 1oz jars. Different colors will have different stone quantities in all sizes because, even though they may be the same stone size, all colors weigh different and are manufactured different.

Color Disclaimer:

Please note while all beautiful; different shades will have slight distinct variations from size to size and from batch to batch (ex. same size, different production date or same production date different size).  Some maybe lighter and some maybe darker. It is near impossible for manufactures to get them all exact and this is with ALL brand of stones. The differences are so slight that once used on a project, won’t be noticeable to the average eye.